Friday, February 27, 2009

To Scale: Reversal, the Map as Living Story(ies) 1.2

While the Amsterdan RealTime, Cabspotting, and BiCi_N projects are speculative, and extremely suggestive at this time, currently there are already applications and life maps that are being used in our everyday. Last year Immersive Media Corp. signed a contract to license street-level images of North American cities to Google Inc. to create an experience based mapping that you move through. "Immersive's Telemmersion® System is a compact, lightweight, unified camera system. The system generates synchronized, high resolution video streams representing a full-motion spherical world that can be experienced live or in a recorded form." (40) In another case, Nokia and Google Earth are competing in the merging of GPS and Net space as both companies understand the importance of how people's physical location affects how they use Net space. Nokia has recently introduced a device (N96) which allows for videos to be shot on location and to be "geotagged" which means that they are uploaded with the their exact physical location into a website similar to Google's YouTube site where people post videos. As a kind of body/city apparatus, the newest feature of this device is a "walk" feature and an "accelometer" feature, which detects shift of direction as the body walks the city. The free internet sharing service "share on Ovi" allows uploading and sharing in a variety of formats in an interactive community similar to the online social networking site Facebook.

40 see Immersive Media Corp.

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