Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Questions for Discussion 7. Geospatial Web + Redefining the Basemap

What effects do Geospatial spam have on creating maps that reveal valuable/usable information?

On the other hand is there such a thing as Geospatial spam? Can this information be accepted and filtered to reveal novel informative revelations about the city.

I find tagging very interesting and useful, but what are some of the problems with tagging?
Is it that the formatting of 'tags' are not standardized?
Are 'tags' to vague? For example does turkey refer to the country or the food?

Can the defamiliarization of such mappings effect the reading and perspective we have on the city , or enhance it because of its ability to force people to view the common everyday in a more unique manner?


  1. I think you bring up an interesting point about Geospatial "spam". When you think about it, every means of communication has the potential to be infiltrated by some sort of unwanted advertising.

  2. not just spam from advertising but, also spam from normal people who just overload sites like Google maps with random imagery.

    Here is a link to some articles that discuss this topic.