Thursday, February 12, 2009

Living House: idea for final project

I consistently have appreciated housing. I think most architects share a regard or a love for the house. I suppose this is because we sit around our place of residence and scheme and dream of ways we can intervene or manipulate our own little piece of habitat. The house, and our love for it, is probably genetic, further evolved with each generation. Thinking of an office building does not exactly invoke a sense of intimacy or nostalgia. The roots and conceptions of the house are deep and multi-generational. Thoughts. . . . .
-capture: intimacy and individual personality
-translate: the range of economic, social, cultural, ethnicity, and contextual idiosyncrasies of possibly (Pickens, County)
-document: as a style, question, interview, data, quantitative and qualitative
-negotiate: in between, threshold, space outside of the house, relationships, connections, emergence

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