Sunday, February 15, 2009

J.R. Carpenter's Contemporary Art -Mappings-

Art Selector Contemporary Fine art is a great website of artist J.R. Carpenter and his work in mapping. All 4 websites cover a broad range of topics, from mapping sleeping conditions in different areas of Montreal in "Les huit quartiers du sommeil" to mappings of the surrounding neighborhood in "Entre Village" as well as the mapping of fragments of history in Rome and the different categories they fall under. You can visit each of these fully interactive websites by following their links from the website listed below. I especially enjoyed "Entre Village," there is a hand-drawn building on a piece of lined notebook paper, you run the mouse of each of the windows and doors and there is a link to a video of different places within the neighborhood. The colors and textures are rich and well-filmed. It is a simple set-up but contains much information. The last work featured is titled "The Cape." It is a fictional mapping, it contains photos, videos, maps and sounds. It is beautifully laid out.

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