Thursday, February 5, 2009


The city is composed of objects and events, arguably many more things, but also arguably only two inseparable entities, the bodies of, and the events that unfold. To explain, a tree is a body and a logger is a body. The act of the logger cutting down the tree is the event that changes or alters the place. I have been using the word layers to describe my work. However, I have yet to personally qualify what the layers are, or what the respective layers mean. What are the layers of place? I suppose the layers of place are subjective and personal, possibly scientific or poetic? How can you demonstrate the layered quality of a place with video? How do you bring poetics and science to the logger cutting down the tree? What are the layers of that specific event?

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  1. You bring up an interesting point about representing space in layers of subjective/personal. Taking that a step further, is it possible to represent layers in terms of subjective/objective? Is it possible to separate the two conditions?

    The way we have been layering space lately is through the passage of time; or layering space by the events that take place. I feel that through film, this is one of the most informative ways to analyze a space.