Friday, January 23, 2009

Multiple Sections : CT-scans of the City 1.1

In order to understand the city as a living body under analysis one must look at the city the way a CT-scan looks at the human body. CT scans (Computed tomography scans) is a medical imaging tool, which visualizes the inside of the human body and its “dynamic processes such as blood flow and function”. The method employs tomography, which is based on basic principles of projective geometry and “is derived from the Greek tomos (slice) and graphein (to write)”. (8) In a CT-scan multiple x-ray “slices” or section-cuts of the body are combined along a central axis of rotation to generate cross-sectional or three dimensional views, the computerized axial tomography of the inside of the human body, the accumulation of written slices of the city.

8 See CT-scan in wikipedia

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