Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Living Section 1.4

While Across-Section, by student Mason Edge, is a moving section traversing the city with the speed of a car. The driver takes a segment of the strip city with it at the plane (the cut) that coincides with his own placement within the car as he drives. He, the (car/city body/car occupant), appears near the middle of a horizontally elongated document of parallel vanishing spaces as a silhouette figure vibrating to the motor of the vehicle while pushing the strip city with it forward at 35 miles per hour. The study is actually constructed by walking the city exhaustibly four times, each time covering a segment of the strip; two vast and empty sidewalks, a linear network of unconnected drive-through zones and parking lots, and a railroad track that runs parallel to the street. Through video editing, the individual views, which are next to each other yet imperceptible during a normal drive, were connected. In this case as is the role of a conventional section-cut drawing, adjacent yet disjointed spaces alongside each other were revealed. However, in this case the section-cut is a moving plane as informed by the act of driving and the activities flashing past the driver in that particular body/car/city space, a condition that we so often inhabit.

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