Thursday, January 29, 2009


What are the inherent qualities of the CT-scan? What properties must be expressed through mapping and imaging to be considered a thorough or appropriate analysis? The city is a conglomerate of flows, manifested as a multitude of entities literally constructed by atoms and elements. While the city as an event is constantly in motion, differentiated by the speeds and collisions of its parts, the traditional CT-scan is a rarefied moment, a frozen image, negating various qualitative characteristics. For instance, a CT-scan does not tell us if an individual is moody, creative, happy, open minded, or enjoys sunsets. CT-scans are inherently ambiguous, portraying a series of parts, but making little reference to the character or catalyst of the parts. CT-scans lack a personification of the elements that make the entity. A city is very much a collection of personalities or traits that begin to define the whole. We attribute traits of being upfront and outspoken with "New York", well mannered, shy, sweet, and conservative, with "Charleston", or hippie and liberal, with "San Francisco". Are cities personified? How does personification play a role in the way we synthesize and draw the city?

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