Monday, March 11, 2013

fragmented visioning

fragmentary visioning from Joshua Atria on Vimeo.

The video was captured through the aid of an iphone strapped to my leg. This unique perspective overlaps the sinusoidal patterning of the dynamic (caused by the motion of the leg) with the visual patterning of the static (the painted lines in the road, trees, etc). Inspired by the excerpt below from Siegfried Kracauer's, "Once Again the Street."

"The Street in the extended sense of the word is not only the arena of fleeting impressions and chance encounters but a place where the flow of life is bound to assert itself....The kaleidoscopic sights mingle with unidentified shapes and fragmentary visual complexes and cancel each other out, thereby preventing the onlooker from following up any of the innumerable suggestions they offer. What appears to him are not so much sharp-contoured individuals engaged in this or that definable pursuit as loose throngs of sketchy, completely indeterminate figure. Each has a story, yet the story is not given. Instead, an incessant flow of possibilities and near-intangible meanings appears."

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