Tuesday, March 5, 2013

CT-scan and Reflexology

The purpose of this video is exposing the hidden connections between the city infrastructure and the foot reflexology. In traditional Chinese medical science, the subtle relationship between the inner body system and outer physique can be reflected through the acupuncture points. This practice of theory has been widely applied into body massage treatment, such as foot and hand. The fact that cities are constructed by hard and soft infrastructure is fairly similar to the human body’s internal and external organs. Based on a brief study of the foot reflexology diagram, the reflex zones can be divided into two parts; one being the internal organs, such as brain and nerves, while the other one being the external organ, such as ear and eye. In this video, the urban soft infrastructure can be understood as things that involved human cultural efforts (graffiti, sculpture, etc.) or natural elements (plants, animals, etc.), while the urban hard infrastructure are things that are essential in constructing a city (road, bridge, building, etc.).

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