Monday, May 4, 2015

Subconscious City

In a world where we are being constantly bombarded by more and more stimuli, many things go unnoticed. Subconscious memory retains this unnoticed information, though it is often unattainable. In an examination of the relationship between the conscious and subconscious, it was found that those faces, buildings, and miscellaneous objects we fail to appreciate can have as much an impact on our thinking patterns as those about which we are acutely aware.

Subconscious information is often related and connected to consciousness in the form of dreams. Fragmented information from both worlds comes together to form seemingly nonsensical stories as these connections are made. Unfortunately, even this representation of the subconscious is often forgotten and unattainable.

Dream Link attempts to merge consciousness and subconsciousness through a thorough record of both, blatantly pointing out the connected thoughts, ideas, faces and buildings so that the user may interpret those connections for him or herself. More broad knowledge of our own mental activity would allow us to have a greater self awareness, which would lead to improved future experiences with heightened alertness to the world around us.

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